Why Is Dental Hygiene So Important To Overall Health?

Dental hygiene is a significantly important part of one’s overall health. Clinical papers and scientific research now show that there is no doubt that your dental hygiene plays a significant part in impacting your overall health. This is because bacteria and disease in your mouth can enter the bloodstream to impact other parts of your body and your overall health.

One of the important aspects of this is the link between gum disease and heart disease. Many studies are now showing that patients who have gum disease will have the heart disease made much worse because of this. Surgeons seeing patients before having any heart operation now insist that you go and see your dentist to make sure that any gum disease is treated.

There is also evidence to show that gum disease can affect other common disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and dementia. If you look online, you will find many papers to show the link between oral health and disease in the rest of your body.

There is also another way in which your oral health affects you. If you have poor oral health this can affect the way you feel about talking and smiling at people especially if you have an unattractive smile. This can lead you to avoid situations or people and affect your self-esteem.

In summary, dental health will affect you in more ways than you realise and therefore it is important to maintain your oral health in the best way possible.