Water Flosser Review #8: Phillips Sonicare AirFloss Ultra Power Flosser

This water flosser is from one of the big players called Phillips so I had high expectations especially at £90 which is what it costs. 

It is marketed as an “ultra power” however the water pressure was mediocre in comparison with the more powerful Waterpik. Unfortunately, the company makes two massive claims which should be ignored. 

The first claim it makes it back only takes 60 seconds to clean your mouth fully. Even as a dentist, I simply could not clean all my 32 teeth adequately with this water flosser in a mere 60 seconds.  I will say it was actually impossible. 

The second claim is extremely disappointing because it states that it removes 99.9% of bacterial plaque. However, this is not on real patients who have gum disease.

Unfortunately, the study was done on laboratory teeth which is totally different. Philips says that it will only treat mild to moderate gingivitis. This is an important point because most people will have a more advanced form of gum disease called chronic periodontitis and water flossers have minimal or no effect on the treatment of chronic periodontitis.

Gingivitis can easily be remedied by normal regular manual brushing and by using conventional floss/interdental brushes. There is absolutely no need or indication to use water flossers nor is there any evidence to say that they are any more effective because they are not.

Looking at the device itself,  it only comes with 1 nozzle and replacements are prohibitively expensive. So if you are going to buy this device, you had better not lose the one and only nozzle that is supplied with it. I also expected better build quality as I’ve been having issues with the door to the water reservoir breaking off.

Nearly a quarter of all users were unhappy with their purchase which should be noted. This is too high.

The overall mark for this water flosser which also takes into account its hefty price tag is 2 out of 10.

2 star rating