Water Flosser Review #6: The Oral B Water Flosser

Now we test one of the big brands and this one is the Oral-B version. Being a big brand, it also comes with a reasonable price tag of £60.

Oral-B has a habit of using fancy names which actually don’t mean anything and they are just there to impress gullible buyers with their marketing gimmick. This product is no exception and they use terms such as “aquacare, pro-expert and oxyjet”. These terms actually mean absolutely nothing however they just appear to be impressive.

The other thing that Oral-B are especially good at is to offer lots and lots of bells and whistles but these actually are even not needed. The bell and whistles are the 6 cleaning modes, 3 settings, and 2 different types of water streams. These are all superfluous.

Shockingly, a third of all buyers of this water flosser was all wholly or partially not satisfied with their purchase. Even more depressing was the fact about two-thirds of these unsatisfactory buyers gave it marks in the worst category possible.

The unit itself is not bad in terms of sturdiness but the water tank is woefully small at only 145ml. If you have widespread gum disease, you will need to refill this at least 4 times to adequately clean all your mouth.

Worryingly, the pressure does not penetrate under the gum line significantly. Any dentist will diagnose chronic gum disease when there is a 4-mm pocket underneath the gum line and this unit definitely penetrates nowhere near this 4-mm pocket mark.

In addition, the design of the nozzle made it very difficult to go around the posterior teeth.

Overall, this water flosser only deserves 1 out of 10.

1 star rating