Water Flosser Review #5: The Hangsun Water Flosser

Hangsun is not a brand at all I was familiar with however I decided to give this an impartial and thorough review. This is a cordless water flosser device which is rechargeable and comes with four tips. 

The price for this item is £27 and you need to add the £4.50 for postage and packaging which equips a total of £31.50. It is therefore in the low to mid-range for the price. 

There are three settings which are normal, soft and pulse. The pulse setting claims to massage your gums however there is no evidence that gums benefit or even need to be massaged in order to be healthy. It is simply a marketing gimmick. 

The water tank holds 300 ml of water which is a lot more when compared to other water flossers in the same price range. I thought this was a good sign. However, the whole unit itself is very plasticky and flimsy. I can imagine that you would only need to drop this from an insignificant height and it would smash to bits. 

Also, Hangsun claims that this device is FDA approved however further checks revealed that it most certainly is not FDA approved or on any FDA register.

The model that I first ordered had a leak and examination of the inside revealed corrosion which was disconcerting. It was sent back and a replacement unit was ordered.

With the new unit, the water pressure was inconsistent throughout. Due to the poor build quality, I would imagine that this water flosser would not last beyond 2-years. 

Nearly 20% of buyers were unhappy with the purchase and if you include buyers long-term, this figure would almost certainly double which is not acceptable. If you want something that is more reliable, has better quality and will last a long time, you should look elsewhere. 

The overall rating for this water flosser is 2 out of 10.

2 star rating