Water Flosser Review #4: Waterpik Advanced Water Flosser

This water flosser comes with a fairly hefty Price Tag of £95 plus the £4.50 for postage which is just shy of a full £100.

It claims that it has clinically been proven to be more effective than flossing and interdental brushing.

When I asked the company to provide clinical papers for this, they were unable to.  After further talking to them, they produced something that looked remotely like a clinical study. But this clinical study only included 10 patients and the funding for this study was the company itself making it totally invalid.  Looking at the paper itself, I wasn’t even convinced that this study ever took place. 

This device comes with 3 pressure settings and 4 tips with a 2-year warranty.

About 10% of the consumers who bought this unit end up not happy with it.  This means that one in 10 consumers regretted their purchase which is very high especially when you are taking out £100 from your pocket.  I was also not convinced that all the 5-star reviews were actually genuine customers which are worrying.

Of the 3 pressure settings, only the highest one you could say was resembling something as being adequate.

I did also find that not all of the tips featured fitted perfectly well into the nozzle which raises questions about the build quality overall.

There was also an issue with battery fatigue over a relatively small number of charges. This means that one does have to think how long is the product will last even over a relatively small number of recharging especially as the battery cannot be replaced as it is glued into the unit itself.

The angle of the tips was fine for anterior teeth however when cleaning around molars and especially wisdom teeth, this would prove very difficult and awkward.

The overall rating for this water flosser is 3 out of 10.

3 stars