Water Flosser Review #3: The Fairywill Water Flosser

The cost of this water flossing device is £28 Plus the £4.50 postage which equates to a total of £32.50.

Therefore this is a mid-range device in terms of price and as a customer, you certainly have many different types from different companies to choose from in this price range. 

If you are going to go for a water flosser at all and you cannot afford to pay for the premium brands, then you should think about paying for something in the £30 to £40 range rather than a sub £20 machine which usually is not very good at all.

The product seems to make a lot of claims such as “deeply clean teeth,” “whiten teeth.” This is totally untrue because I have yet to come across a water flosser that will do such a thing as whitening the teeth. The claims continue such as using the words unique pulsating technique.  Extensive tests were carried out. I could find absolutely “no unique pulsating technique” that this machine claims that it uses. 

Furthermore, they go onto quote numbers such as 1400 to 1800 times per minute and 30 to 110 psi pressure.  I asked the company directly to substantiate these claims and they could not.

In addition, they claim that this water flosser massages the gums but from a clinical scientific viewpoint, there is absolutely no evidence that massaging the gums promotes your gums to be healthy. 

Extensive scientific literature for improving the health of your gums shows that this is best achieved by the normal traditional methods of tooth brushing, traditional manual flossing and interdental brushes.

However one of the good points of this water flosser was that the water pressure was consistent and did not fluctuate compared to most of the other water flossers in this price range. 

The water pressure still wasn’t as high as the premium brands but it was better than most. Another downside, however, was that you will notice that after repeated recharges of the lithium battery, they seem to die out and we extrapolate after 12-months, the battery charge will be significantly affected. 

It would not be worth buying replacement lithium batteries for the cost involved and effectively make this device redundant.  About 20% of the customers who bought are unhappy with their purchase so avoid this if you want to buy a good quality product.

When contacting the customer services, they do respond fairly promptly but unfortunately, they do not answer your question or indeed are not able to give the correct answers.

The overall rating for this is 3 out of 10.

3 stars