Water Flosser Review #10: Panasonic’s Budget Water Flosser

Panasonic has also jumped on the bandwagon of water flossers and come out with this device selling at £25. It is very different from the other water flossers in that the device is very portable due to the collapsible nature of the water reservoir which saves space in your bag. 

Unfortunately, we carried out bacterial testing which showed the build-up of bacteria even after a short time inside the water reservoir including the presence of Legionella. These bacteria then make their way back into your mouth which you are trying to remedy in the very first place.

It comes with a soft and normal pressure mode but the soft is useless when the normal mode is being mediocre at best. The water reservoir holds only 165ml hence will probably be used up within seconds in most times.

The main problem with this portable water flossing device is the poor pressure achieved which means that it just does not have any advantages at all over normal manual brushing or flossing including interdental brushing.

As already stated before, water flossers have a poor clinical record and nearly all dentists are not convinced of the efficacy. Furthermore, water flossers do not have any beneficial effects when you do have a more aggressive form of gum disease known as chronic periodontitis.

The overall rating for this water flosser is 1 out of 10.

1 star rating