Water Flosser Review #1: The Portable Jet Floss

This device comes at a cost of £9 but you also then have to add in another £5 for postage and packing. This in percentage terms is quite a lot as the postage and packaging are more than 50% of the price of the entire product. Just from this point of view, it would be far more beneficial to spend a total of £14 and find a better product which has free delivery.

Let’s look at the claims that the company provides in the literature.

They say that ” it cleans braces, implants, crowns and tartar.” It uses no electricity or requires no batteries.

Nearly 40%of the reviews are reported as being unsatisfactory. Personally, I would never buy any product where nearly half of all users report it as being very poor or partially unsatisfactory.

The product literature says that it has been engineered using “air infusion technology”. Unfortunately, this is a complete fabrication as I could find absolutely no evidence of engineering using an infusion technology. This immediately raised alarm bells about the water flosser overall.

The product literature also states that this water flosser is good for removing food, sore gums and removes plaque more efficiently and gently than string floss without harming your sensitive teeth and gums.

I’m afraid to say that these statements are very disconcerting as there is no scientific basis whatsoever in their claims.

For instance, the device is definitely not capable of removing plaque from teeth surfaces. Dental plaque is a sticky bacteria film which clings onto surfaces of teeth and fillings and in order to remove it, it must be removed by manual brushing or flossing.  

This product also criticises using floss because it implicates that dental floss harms your sensitive teeth and gums. There is absolutely no reported literature or anecdotal evidence that flossing harms your teeth and gums.

Looking at the product itself, it is quite flimsy and there have been reports that the nozzle doesn’t fit tightly enough. This certainly was my opinion and I would agree that the build quality is very poor.

In terms of the intended function of this product which is to produce a water jet, the water pressure produced was very poor and minimal. You can actually create a greater pressure by simply washing your mouth out vigorously with water.

In conclusion, this product is not fit for purpose. 

I would therefore give these units:

0 marks out of 10

0 stars