Why do veneers look so good?

If you are wondering how come all the Hollywood and Bollywood actresses and actors have such straight white teeth, the answer is that most have had veneers placed.

Dental veneers are a highly effective way to achieve that perfect Hollywood smile even if your teeth are yellow and crooked. On our gallery you can see before and after pictures of cases that we have done at the GDC. Most of the results are so dramatic that you wouldn’t even think that they are the same patient.

Veneers don’t take much maintenance

Veneers only take 2 visits and the teeth don’t even need to be numbed up. On the first visit impressions are taken of the teeth and a week later you can walk out with your new smile. Veneers are an instant confidence and smile booster. A dental veneer is a very thin layer of dental porcelain which goes over your own natural tooth. It is held in using a special dental bond so that it doesn’t come off or break from your own tooth underneath.

At the GDC we even place gold veneers instead of tooth coloured ones. If your teeth are very yellow or very crooked to start with, we do recommend that you have some teeth whitening done beforehand and some minor correction with clear braces prior to having the permanent veneers fitted.

All dentists will say that their veneers are the best as there are different makes of porcelain to choose from but the most important factor is the dentist himself. Does your dentist have the experience and do they have a track record. I have placed over 10,000 veneers going back over 25 years. I still see patients who had their veneers done 25 years ago and was one of the first dentists to start placing them outside of the dental research universities.

A dental veneer is not without risks like all dental procedures so it’s important that you discuss all the advantages and disadvantages with your dentist beforehand.

A dental veneer is held onto the tooth by a thin layer of adhesive resin which is the interface between tooth enamel and inside surface of the porcelain veneer. They usually last 10 years after which they can be replaced with new ones.

The main problem that can occur with veneers is that they can dislodge or break but there is normally a good reason why this may occur.

We experience very few problems and have hundreds of happy patients whose appearances have been positively enhanced.

Where can i learn more about Veneers?


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by Roopa Babannavar, Shitalkumar Sagari