Rubber Dam


Does your dentist use a rubber dam for treatments? The answer is, probably not, but this is why he/she should use one. I use it all the time and here is why.

Rubber Dam - Dr Muzzafar Zaman
Rubber Dam – Dr Muzzafar Zaman

So what is a rubber dam? A rubber dam is a very thin and light piece of plastic/rubber which neatly fits over the exact tooth a dentist is working on. The result is that the patient’s tongue, lip and cheeks are all out of the way and I can focus just on doing my best job on that particular tooth. Patient’s love rubber dam because they can breathe a lot easier as there is no water spray or bits of decay or debris or fillings going down their throat. Most dentists simply can’t be bothered in spending the couple of extra minutes in placing the rubber dam over the tooth and cost  wise, a sheet of rubber dam doesn’t even cost a pound. So next time you have a dental procedure done, insist on a rubber dam. It’s quicker, more comfortable and you don’t have the dental nurse catching your tongue with all the instruments. For the dentist, I feel happy that the patient is comfortable, the treatment is quicker and the quality of treatment is more exact.


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by Nisha Garg ,‎ Amiit Garg


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