New Patients

I, Dr Muzzafar Zaman look forward to welcoming new patients to our practice.

All newly registered patients will be welcomed to an initial checkup where we can assess the health of your mouth. Once we have a good understanding of your oral health, we will be able to tailor our care accordingly in the future.

We understand that a lot of people are nervous to attend the dentist. If you are one of those people, we would love to show you that seeing the dentist doesn’t mean there will be pain. With the advancements in dentistry and the medical field in general, it if 99% of the time, a pain free experience.

Our aim is for every new patient to enjoy their welcome and leave with a great big smile. We hope that after seeing how we treat patients that you will stay with us for years to come and even sometimes recommend us to friends and family.

To register (enquire if we are taking new patients) with our practice as a new NHS patient please fill out our contact form so that we may give you a call back.

We also offer private dentistry and an optional private member scheme. For enquiries regarding private dental care at our practice please call 01708 848726.