How To Improve Your Dental Health

Dental Health

Here are the best four ways to improve your dental health!

1. Keep gum disease at bay because this is the reason why more teeth are lost and people end up wearing dentures. You can easily spot gum disease if you notice the following signs. Signs of gum disease are bleeding when brushing, teeth being sensitive and gums receding. The early stages of the disease is called gingivitis and that can be reversible however when the disease progresses to become chronic periodontal disease it’s far more difficult to treat.

2. Notice if you have early signs of decay. You may notice that a particular tooth is becoming more sensitive or it is painful when you bite on it. In addition, if a filling falls out it could be that there is decay underneath  and that is the reason why it has decided to pop out. Even if the cavity does not hurt, decay can progress so it is best to get it looked at via your dentist as soon as you can.

3. If you have fillings or crowns in your mouth, they do not last forever so you need to ask your dentist if they need replacing. Fillings and crowns need replacing when they start leaking. When they start leaking, decay will get underneath them and cause damage to the nerve of your teeth.

4. Bad breath is usually an indication that things are not healthy. Most causes of bad breath originate in the mouth. This is due to plaque or food being allowed to accumulate. Plaque and food starts to break down releasing volatile compounds which are the cause of the bad breath. Most people mask bad breath with mouthwashes but it does not kill the underlying problem. Ask your dentist to do a gum check to make sure your gums are healthy and to give you further advice on eliminating the source of bad breath.