Dentures NHS

Dentures Provided by the NHS

Dentures can be provided on the NHS as long as they are deemed clinically necessary to secure oral health. It is the dentist who decides whether they are deemed clinically necessary to secure oral health.

Dentures come under the NHS Band three treatment which currently is £269.30. In addition, any subsequent visits such as making adjustments may attract a further charge of £22.70 which is in Band 1 treatment.

The exact type of denture is decided by the dentist. It may be a traditional acrylic denture or cobalt chrome. However, cobalt chrome dentures or Flexi-dentures such as Valplast or Flexite are only available privately.

Dentures usually take 3 to 4 visits to make and you may also need further additional visits for adjustments as required.

The dentures aesthetically should be adequate but to get the best appearance possible, you will need to have dentures made on a private basis. Private dentures do use different materials and the quality of the teeth themselves is more superior.

The fit of the denture should not differ whether you have them done privately or on the NHS but in reality, the dentist can spend more time providing you with dentures privately. Better techniques can be employed in ensuring the best result possible if you are having dentures made on a private basis rather than on the NHS.

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