Are dentists trained to do hygienist work?

A dentist looking at the hygiene of the patients teeth

Can dentists do hygenist work?

A dentist is trained to do any work that a hygienist can undertake. Dentists are fully trained to do any work that a dental therapist or a dental technician can carry out.

Most dentists probably carry out their own hygienists work but increasingly they are practices which use hygienists specifically for that role.

The Role of a Dental Hygienist

The main roles that a dental hygienist carries out are in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. However, advanced gum disease requiring more extensive and complex treatment, a dentist must carry these treatments out.

Most hygienists work under the prescription and guidance of a dentist. A patient will first be examined by a dentist and then a dentist may decide to refer the treatment to a hygienist. The dentist will outline a reason for the referral and what treatment he expects the hygienists to carry out.

Subsequently, after completing the patient treatment, will ask the patient to go back to the dentist. Either the dentist or hygienist will then monitor the patients periodontal or gum health.

In most cases, will work together with the dentist to improve the patients oral and gum health.